AsIPA Training Method

AsIPA Courses

Training programmes on international and national level (for pastoral leaders, priests and lay people) with exposure to BCCs have proved to be effective tools to see the vision and to acquire the skills needed in a Participatory Church (e.g. new leadership style, Gospel based communities, participative formation programmes)

Materials Developed

To date, there are four series of materials with specific objectives that will assist the facilitators and the participants in a training course: These AsIPA texts are compiled by trainers who are involved at the grassroots level. They can be used for small communities, for neighborhood groups and even for sessions with larger groups in a parish hall. They are prepared as a guide for a participatory process and compiled in such a way that with minimum preparation, a facilitator can use them following the instructions in the text. AsIPA texts have been translated into more than 15 Asian languages.

AsIPA Training Programme

AsIPA Programme or Process